About Big Boss Hotlinks in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Big Boss Hotlinks Food Truck opened for business in 2019. The owner, James Wilkinson from Seattle, had a vision. He wanted to bring the taste of Seattle hotlinks to New Mexico. From this idea, he has created an eclectic menu that incorporates the hotlink into several dishes.


James originally moved to New Mexico in 2008 to work for a tech company. After years of service, an opportunity arose. He was offered a severance package from his job. He could look for another job, or use his severance package to start the food truck he envisioned. That is how Big Boss Hotlinks got started.


After much trial and error, the menu was created. He purchased a food truck and set to work on bringing his mouth watering hotlink sausages, Seattle style cheese steaks, juicy thick burgers, and breakfast items to locations around Albuquerque. He’s quickly become a favorite in Albuquerque. Stop by and have a taste of Seattle!